set a02. adSet 02


A set of promotional AdSet 02 consists of two stands AdPoster L of 60 cm, the stand AdPoster L 120 cm wide and AdTribune Counter Hit.

Counter Hit is equipped with an ultra light construction provided with a transverse strengthening to ensure high durability and reliability. It is characterized by rapid spacing, and the deposit is located in a small transport bag.

Adposter L - The most popular, called the Cabinet with the letter L, which resemble, are meant to draw attention by its functionality, simplicity, ease of installation, low price, and the recipient of an advertising message to its effectiveness. Adposter L drove the market failure and cumbersome structures X-banner and other similar. It is a product that is ideal for all kinds of training or business meetings and promotions. It is characterized by light structure made of aluminum and fiberglass, which is located after the deposit of a small bag. There is the possibility of suspending the banner on the wall. It is possible to order the same graphic elements, which allows repeated use of the system.


- l01. adPoster L 120x204
- l01. adPoster L 60x204 x2
- t03. adTribune Hit