set a08. adSet 08


Promotional set AdSet 08 consists of a wall W02 adWall Smart 3x3, t01 adTribune Elypse and stand f01 AdFolder.

Adfolder advertising stand is made of aluminum and filled with Plexiglass. Distinguished by its original, eye-catching, modern design.

The walls popup Adwall SMART is a professional and proven tools that effectively promotes your company, product or idea. This gives unlimited possibilities for promotion at any place and in any situation. Curved Wall pop up is one of the most impressive and largest portable display systems.  Trybunki promotional Elypse are made of powder coated aluminum profiles and Chipboard deck and shelf in the selected color. The design with lateral reinforcements ensures high durability.

You can order the same graphic elements, which allows repeated use of the system.


- w01. adWall Smart 3x3 Curved
- t01. adTribune Elypse
- f01. adFolder