tent a03. AIR Tent Premium


  • Width:
    330/400/480 cm
  • Height:
    260/290/330 cm
  • Depth:
    330/400/480 cm


  • TPU, polyester



  • 3x3
  • Outer dimensions:
  • Width: 330cm
  • Height: 260cm
  • Leg diameter: 25cm
  • Dimensions of the entrance:
  • Width: 310cm
  • Height: 200cm
  • 4x4
  • Outer dimensions:
  • Width: 400cm
  • Height: 290cm
  • Leg diameter: 25cm
  • Dimensions of the entrance:
  • Width: 360cm
  • Height: 200cm
  • 5x5
  • Outer dimensions:
  • Width: 480cm
  • Height: 330cm
  • Leg diameter: 35cm
  • Dimensions of the entrance:
  • Width: 445cm
  • Height: 240cm
  • 6x6
  • Outer dimensions:
  • Width: 580cm
  • Height: 380cm
  • Leg diameter: 40cm
  • Dimensions of the entrance:
  • Width: 530cm
  • Height: 270cm

Striving for perfection in creating proprietary products, we would like to proudly present our latest achievement - Constant Pressure Premium Tent!

The combination of modern design and high quality allowed us to create a structure that will be perfect as an advertising tent for all kinds of mass events, both indoors and outdoors. It will provide protection against rain and sun for employees and visitors and create a separate space for possible contacts with customers. Moreover, by purchasing Premium Air Tent, you get a personalized tent with any print you need. Thanks to this, you will be sure that your tent will be exceptional and unique, and at the same time fully suited to your marketing goals.

The Premium tent was designed to combine practical solutions with some extra features. It is characterized not only by innovative construction solutions, but also by a modern approach to the needs of a modern user. It combines the features of a typical event tent with the possibility of any marketing activity. We recommend it primarily to people who carry out part of their advertising activities in the outdoor areas or at various types of shows and fairs.

Premium Air Tent is an inflatable tent, but without the disadvantages characteristic for this type of product. Special, extremely strong polyester was used to make this tent. This carefully selected material also has two key advantages. Firstly, it has a smooth surface with high hardness, which guarantees keeping the shape. Secondly, the polyester we choose has an extremely high air tightness, which eliminates the risk of air leakage, which is a classic problem with many inflatable tents found on the market.

When creating our product, we took care to limit the possibility of damage to the structure at its most fragile parts. For this reason, our Premium Inflatable Tent has been finished with the best elements. Its structure has been reinforced with industrial threads with twice the strength of threads compared to standard substitutes. Each seam is covered with a special TPU tape, which is highly flexible, retaining high resistance to abrasion, cracking or tearing, thanks to which it protects our inflatable tent against damage and unsealing at the welds.