textile-stand AdTent Express


  • Height:
    340 cm


  • aluminium, polyester



Efficient and easy to assemble gazebo tents.

We would like to introduce our new product - adTent Express. It’s a gazebo tent that will find its way on many events.

We think that current global situation will have an impact on many events, which will move from indoors to open spaces. Every outdoor event needs appropriate setting and sales support materials, which, for example, may be tents. Aluminum canopy tents are often the very first thought when we are planning any outdoor event.

adTent Express tent is a good quality in an affordable price.

adTent Express pop up tent consists of aluminum scissor structure that is easy to unfold, and textile print made in dye sublimation technology. Entire printout is done by us according to Client’s idea. That’s why we are sure that Adsystem canopy tents ensure maximum use of advertising space, which will effectively attract any potential recipients.

Canopy tent is a must-have for outdoor activities like promotional events, outdoor concerts, catering or sports events.

Such tents are also often used by uniformed services during their actions.

Pop-up tents are not only quite easy to use, but they are also very compact and portable. When packed into a bag, it takes only a little space. In era of minimalism, this is very desired feature.

AdTent gazebo tents are available in three sizes, making them easy to adapt to own needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details.