fabric-tension-display v06. adWall TEX 4x3


  • Width:
  • Height:
    302 cm
  • Depth:
    30 cm


  • Aluminium, Poliester fabric



The structure of this stunning wall display is made up of aluminium profiles joined together with special clips. The elements are joined together intuitively and without tools. After setting up the whole structure creates a uniform surface. In consequence, the system may be used as an economic, but very spectacular alternative to a pop-up wall.

An additional asset of this display is the possibility to fold it up with the print remaining on the frame. The print, fastened with Velcro tape, perfectly fits the structure creating a stunning exhibition system.

Although the structure is very light, thanks to the use of special materials it is also extremely stable and durable.

Produced with calendered polyester fabric printed using the eco-friendly sublimation technology.

Modern design, full-size printing, quick and easy set-up, fabric perfectly tailored to fit the frame and high quality are unquestionable advantages of this product.

The complete set comprises a fold-up structure, print and a transport bag.