textile-stand v11. Vario curved F


  • Width:
    230/300/310/360/400/500/600 cm
  • Height:
    235 cm
  • Depth:
    240cm - 73cm
    300cm - 78cm
    400cm - 73cm
    500cm - 66cm
    600cm - 77cm


  • Aluminium, poliester



Vario F is a multiple-use promotional product. It is characterized by modern, innovative design, light weight and high quality. An added advantage is quick and easy set up. The fabric is taut and fits the structure perfectly, without wrinkles or ripples.

The frame is made up of aluminium pipes joined together with special clips. The elements are joined together intuitively and without tools. After setting up the whole structure creates a smooth surface – the print is a uniform sheet.

The medium here is polyester fabric onto which are transferred the promotional graphics, printed on paper. The process of pigment permeating into the fabric (sublimation) takes place during calendering at about 200 o C. Even repeated washing and ironing will not change the colour saturation or quality of fabric produced in this way.

The entire system fits a small, aesthetic transport bag. The product was awarded the gold medal during the trade fairs “Marketing Festival/Print Festival”.