Dispenser stands.

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At Adsystem, we realize that never before has the safety of employees and clients been so important. To meet the expectations and needs of the market, we designed a stand for a hand sanitizer dispenser, as well as a stand with a built-in dispenser. Placing such a stand in your company is a simple and surprisingly effective way to maintain hygiene for all people - both in public facilities, as well as offices or various store stands. Combined with the possibility of placing additional advertising content, it gives an extremely practical and inexpensive product.

The purchase of our product has a number of advantages. First of all, having our stand, hand disinfection will be quick, easy and convenient. Placing it in front of the entrances, near tables and counters, as well as next to devices used by many people, will provide an effective way to limit the spread of harmful factors, bacteria and viruses.

The very possibility of using the disinfection stand without restrictions gives employees and customers a greater sense of comfort and security, and ensures that your company selflessly cares about their health. This allows you to easily build trust in your brand.

The big advantage of Adsystem's dispenser stand is the extra surface that can be used for advertising purposes. Combined with a good placement and an incentive to disinfect hands, this ensures that the marketing content will reach almost all users.

We are aware that buying any dispenser rack is not enough. When designing the series of our new stands, we also took into account the issue of their location and visibility. After all, the mere presence of a dispenser stand will not guarantee their use by customers and employees. That is why, using extensive experience in the construction of advertising stands, Adsystem designers have created positions that are fully mobile and adapted to the convenience of people using them.

The products in our new series are extremely useful equipment, combining many practical solutions. They will bring many benefits to your company, but above all they will allow you to avoid unnecessary risk.


Recent experience has shown us how important mouth and nose masks are in the prevention of the spread of viral diseases by droplets. It is a relatively cheap and at the same time extremely effective way to reduce the risk of infection - yourself in the case of healthy people and others by sick people.

As a manufacturer of reusable masks with print, we want to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who have to deal with the dangers arising from the spread of diseases in modern society. At Admask, we realize that securing our staff and clients in such a basic protection measure is not only a tool to reduce unnecessary risk, but also is proof of corporate social responsibility.

With this in mind, we present our product - a mask with a print. It was made with the intention of limiting microbial penetration as much as possible while maintaining high comfort for the wearer. At the same time, we give our clients the option of placing any imprint on the outside of the mask according to their own design.

The design of the mask is based on two layers. The inner and outer parts are made of comfortable and touch-friendly polyester. Just wash at 60 C, after which ironing is not needed.

In terms of comfort, we focused on creating a mask with a print that will not hinder free breathing and provide excellent air circulation, eliminating the problem of condensation around the mouth and nose. In addition, we used an effective solution in the form of adjusting elastics behind the ears. Thanks to this, the mask perfectly adapts to the shape of the face, increasing comfort and eliminating spaces between the skin and the material.

An additional advantage of our product is the fact that the mask with its own imprint allows you to combine security measures with marketing purposes. The possibility of applying any graphics to the outer layer of the mask allows you to place a company or store logo or a decorative design - depending on your needs. Thanks to this, it can be used both as a personal protection device and as a practical gadget.

We dedicate our product to all enterprises with numerous perosnel and high-turnover facilities. This applies to, among others offices, offices, schools or hotels and shops. Product fully manufactured in Adsystem.